George Foessel - Director

George Foessel the director of Motor School started his career as a police officer in the Queensland Police Force doing everything from Highway patrol, accident investigations to teaching the new police recruits. Georges passion is both Motor Sport and Four Wheel Driving regularly enjoying both activities. George also has an internationally recognised accident investigation qualification which is unattainable within Australia to the general public. 

Qualifications Held:  Certificate IV Training and Assessment (TAE40110), Operate Vehicles in the Field (PMASUP236B), Operate and Maintain Four Wheel Drive Vehicle (RIIVEH305E), Operate a Light Vehicle RIIVEH201B,Drive and Recover a 4WD Vehicle (SISODRV302A), Drive a 4WD in Difficult Terrain (SISODRV404A), Coordinate Recovery of 4WD Vehicles (SISODRV405A), Operate a Commercial Vehicle (TLIC1051A), Pilot or Escort Oversized and/or Overmassed Loads(TLIC3010A), Apply Safe Car Driving Behaviours (TLIC3036A),
Operate Side by Side Utility Vehicles (AHCHOM211A), Operate Quad Bikes (AHCHOM2312A), Drive and Manoeuvre Trailers (AURTGA3001)


Our Staff

Motor School have a team of long term dedicated personal.  From our highly experienced administration team to our staff on the ground. 
Our Instructors have extensive driver training experience and follow stringent training protocols to ensure training is delivered to an exceptionally high standard. Some of there achievements and experience are:

  • Motor racing championship winners
  • International motor racing compeditors
  • Extensive off road experience in remote areas such as Cape York and Simpson Desert
  • Multi-facated qualifications in fields of driver education
  • International training in modern vehicle technology